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Most of our capsules and tablets are vegetarian (or vegan) friendly. Contact us for details.
product type size qty price code
Biotin 10,000mcg Tablets 11mm 30's £3.18 18906
Biotin 10,000mcg Tablets 11mm 90's £4.75 18907
Rosehip 800mg Tablets 7mm 30's £2.86 18908
Rosehip 800mg Tablets 7mm 90's £3.15 18909
Vitamin K2 100mcg Capsules Size 1 30's £2.27 18912
Vitamin K2 100mcg Capsules Size 1 90's £4.28 18913
Magnesium 150mg Tablets 7mm 30's £3.16 19063
Magnesium 150mg Tablets 7mm 90's £3.94 19064
Multivitamin Tablets 11mm 30's £3.35 18914
Multivitamin Tablets 11mm 90's £3.82 18915
Iron 14mg Tablets 7mm 30's   18916
Iron 14mg Tablets 7mm 90's £3.00 18917
Zinc 15mg + Selenium 100mcg Capsules   30's £3.07 18926
Zinc 15mg + Selenium 100mcg Capsules   90's £4.67 18927
Vitamin C 250mg Tablets 11mm 30's £2.88 19053
Vitamin C 250mg Tablets 11mm 90's £3.24 19054
Vit C 500mg Veg capsule (postal flat bottles)   90’s £3.85 20053
Vit C + Zinc 500mg Veg capsule (postal flat bottles)   90’s £3.85  
Vit C + Magnesium 500mg Veg capsule (postal flat bottles)   90’s £3.85  
Vit C liquid spray Bottles 30ml (180 sprays)   £3.99  
Vit C + Zinc liquid spray Bottles 30ml (180 sprays)   £3.99  
Vit C + Magnesium liquid spray Bottles 30ml (180 sprays)   £3.99  
Vit C + multi Vits liquid spray Bottles 30ml (180 sprays)   £3.99  
Multi Vitamin Syrup Amber glass bottles 150ml      
Co-Enzyme Q10 100mg Capsules   30's £4.09 19055
Co-Enzyme Q10 100mg Capsules   90's £6.75 19056
Saw Palmetto 1000mg Tablets 7mm 30's £2.87 18924
Saw Palmetto 1000mg Tablets 7mm 90's £3.20 18925
Collagen 600mg Capsules   30's £3.38 19065
Collagen 600mg Capsules   90's £4.69 19066
Ashwagandha     60's (Postal) £4.40 19553
Maca 2000mg Capsules   30's £3.25 19057
Maca 2000mg Capsules   90's £4.19 19058
Probiotics Acidophilus Complex     30's £3.35 19059
Probiotics Acidophilus Complex     90's £4.52 19060
Get Ready For The Diet Rush After Lockdown
Keto Formula BHB Ketones Capsules   60’s £5.99 KTO60
Garcinia Diet capsules Capsules   60’s £3.99 (TC Stock)  
Ketones extra strong diet Capsules   60’s £3.99 (TC Stock)  
Thermaburn Diet Formula Capsules   60’s £3.99 (TC Stock)  
Cho-Yung Tea Diet TeaTox Pouch   30’s £8.00 CYTEA
KeyTox Tea bags Pouch   30’s £8.00  
Diet/Energy Coffee Formula Tub 96g one month supply   £9.99  
Carb Blocker Capsules   30's £3.19 18918
Carb Blocker Capsules   90's £4.03 18919
Inner Cleanse Capsules   90's (HPMC) £4.05 19490
Inner Cleanse Capsules   30's (HPMC) £3.40 19489
Raspberry Extract 300mg Capsules   30's £3.15 18935
Raspberry Extract 300mg Capsules   90's £3.91 18936
Muscle Perfection Formulas
Pre Workout Capsules   60’s (TC Stock)  
Testosterone Capsules   60’s (TC Stock)  
High Energy Boost - Clear Head Capsules   48 £6.99 OHO48
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Hygeine
Face Masks for public and surgical use       Ask for info  
Full body PPE washable and single use       Ask for info  
Hand Sanitizers 80% Alcohol 10ml /30ml/50ml /100ml   Ask for info  

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At CY Trading Ltd,, our expertise in custom formulation development is a critical differentiator. Our custom formulation team will help you identify the right mix of ingredients and the optimal delivery system for your nutritional products. Whether you need capsules, tablets, fast melting tablets, chewables, controlled release, fast melting crystals, etc., we can formulate it for you. Our formulation process is systematically analyzed, controlled and tested to ensure product effectiveness and nutrient absorption. Our formulas contain quality ingredients sourced from some of the top suppliers in the world.

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The booming nutraceutical industry can be a challenging environment for supplement distributors – let CY Trading Ltd, help your business stand out in a competitive marketplace!
Private labels build awareness and loyalty for your nutraceutical brand, leading to more profit for dietary supplement distributors. Our attentive graphic designers can work with you to create custom label nutraceuticals that can help you reach your target market!
Our design services include logo, label, and package creation for your unique dietary supplement business. Let our professional private label designers help you develop a health product brand that speaks for your specific brand – contact us today!

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