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We can create tablets from a wide variety of ingredients at a price point that will benefit both the starting entrepreneur or established supplement industry leader. Over the years, we have become especially adept at formulating great-tasting tablets with good mouthfeel at an affordable price. Our team of formulators is skilled at working with or covering up the natural taste of ingredients ranging from vitamins and minerals to amino acids and herbs.

We will utilize cutting edge manufacturing equipment to ensure your product consistently meets quality standards expected by both consumers and regulatory agencies. For most tableting orders, a 32-cubic foot mixer will be used to blend formulas to retain a standard mixture quality. Once a tablet formula has been perfected and blended, the tableting process will begin in either our tablet presses depending on the order size.

You might be surprised how many different types of tablets exist. Tableting is our specialty and we can do just about any kind you’re looking for. Here are a few examples of the tablet types we can make:

Coated or Uncoated – Many different film coatings exist for a variety of practical reasons. Sugar coatings are often used to mask the taste of unpleasant ingredients that are used and often are very bitter. Coatings can also prevent light or moisture penetration to preserve the integrity of the tablet.

Sublingual – Sublingual tablets are designed to bypass first pass metabolism by absorbing within the mouth. These tablets are placed under the tongue, where they will dissolve and then absorb. This process can help bypass passage through the liver and make active ingredients more effective.

Chewable – Chewable tablets are often pleasantly flavored to allow the tablet to be chewed prior to swallowing. Advantages of using this form of tablet include stability, dosing control and desirable flavor profiles. Chewable tablets are useful for administering a large dose all at once.

Delayed Release – Delayed release tablets receive an enteric coating to protect the tablet from dissolution due to stomach acid, instead dissolving in the small intestine. If the active ingredients within your tablet are susceptible to damage in the stomach, the coating may be necessary for maximum effectiveness. However, some ingredients can remain uncoated due to acid resistance.

Effervescent – Effervescent tablets are manufactured to rapidly breakdown within a liquid. This means that the ingredients will dissolve within the solution more effectively. These tablets also tend to create a froth due to a release of carbon dioxide.

CY Trading LTD can manufacture your tablets with a wide variety of shape options, imprinting options and coating options. With the inclusion of our complete packaging solutions, clients can receive a complete product that is ready for order fulfillment. If you are interested in the tablet manufacturing services we offer, please contact us today!

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Digestive Support

A properly functioning gastrointestinal tract is key to optimal nutrient absorption. When it comes to digestive support, CY Trading Ltd, knows the importance of manufacturing enzymes and probiotics that don’t contain extra ingredients that the digestive system has to process. These additional ingredients, such as flow agents and fillers, make the digestive system work harder to break them down. Don’t waste the body’s energy digesting non-essential ingredients that provide no nutritional or functional support.


Bone & Joint Support

Bone and joint health allows us to be mobile and active. Strong bones and flexible joints can be nourished with a variety of vitamins and minerals. Don’t interrupt absorption of your bone health formula with manufacturing aids and flow agents that provide no nutritional or functional support within the body. CY Trading Ltd, understands your desire to provide your customers with pure nutrient supplements to keep all 206 bones and the connecting joints healthy and mobile.

Sports Nutrition & Fitness

Whether your customers are professional athletes or weekend warriors, your sports nutrition formula needs to have the latest ingredients for endurance and muscle support. Don’t fall short in perfecting your sports and fitness formula by using manufacturing aids and product enhancers that provide no necessary function and hinder absorption of your carefully selected nutrients. CY Trading Ltd, specializes in making pure nutritional supplements to support everyone’s inner athlete.

Weight Management

It’s hard enough to scrutinize food labels of everything you eat when you’re trying to drop a few pounds (or more). Save your customers from doing the same with your weight management supplements. CY Trading Ltd, harnesses the "less is more" philosophy when it comes to manufacturing nutritional supplements. We believe that using less manufacturing agents (really, we prefer none) yields a finished product with more health benefits, such as easier digestion and better absorption of your nutritional formula.

Cognitive Health

The brain is like the body’s all-purpose storage unit, tucking away life experiences, emotions, and knowledge every day. Always having the key to unlock life’s stored memories and knowledge is critical for high functioning individuals on a daily basis. CY Trading Ltd, recognizes the need for brain-boosting supplements that don’t cloud over the active nutrients in your cognitive health products with unnecessary and potentially toxic manufacturing agents.

Sexual Health

Male sex hormone production peaks at around age 18 and usually decreases with age. Over training, stress, increased age, and mood changes can negatively affect these hormones, altering desire and performance! Having a healthy sex life is important, so use natural male sex health products to support hormone function, encourage healthy blood flow, and support sexual health


CY Trading Ltd, is supplier of pure, high quality nutritional supplements and products in the fields of health, sports, diet and beauty. Through years of knowledge and experience in these industries, we are able develop almost any product and produce it under your own brand.


One of the top technoligies companies

At CY Trading Ltd,, our expertise in custom formulation development is a critical differentiator. Our custom formulation team will help you identify the right mix of ingredients and the optimal delivery system for your nutritional products. Whether you need capsules, tablets, fast melting tablets, chewables, controlled release, fast melting crystals, etc., we can formulate it for you. Our formulation process is sistematically analyzed, controlled and tested to ensure product effectiveness and nutrient absorption. Our formulas contain quality ingredients sourced from some of the top suppliers in the World.

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Formulation, tableting, encapsulation, blister paking

CY Trading Ltd, is a full service contract manufacturer of private label dietary supplements. Because we offer in-house nutraceutical formulation and manufacturing, our customers don’t pay a middleman markup. Our direct herbal supplement development services also provide our customers with complete transparency, allowing your business peace of mind that each product is of the highest quality and safe for consumers.
CY Trading Ltd, manufactures an extensive list of stock formulations, and can also support your specific custom product development needs. As your trusted dietary supplement contract manufacturer, you can rest assured that our industry leading manufacturing services will develop a top-selling and safe product for your herbal supplement distribution business.

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Formulation, tableting, encapsulation, blister paking

The booming nutraceutical industry can be a challenging environment for supplement distributors – let CY Trading Ltd, help your business stand out in a competitive marketplace!
Private labels build awareness and loyalty for your nutraceutical brand, leading to more profit for dietary supplement distributors. Our detailed graphic designers can work with you to create custom label nutraceuticals that can help you reach your target market!
Our design services include logo, label, and package creation for your unique dietary supplement business. Let our professional private label designers help you develop a health product brand that speaks for your specific brand – contact us today!

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Leader in Quality Control & Compliance

Today’s demanding consumers are more sensitive than ever to the quality of products they choose. As a result, they put their trust in the integrity of brands and in the quality of ingredients in the products provided by those brands.
Our fully-integrated manufacturing process begins with sourcing ingredients solely from leading, qualified vendors who have passed Solara’s rigorous certification and testing process. Products are then manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and tested for compliance and safety prior to being released to customers for distribution into the market

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